Why isn't there a tutorial in the game?
In part because I'm lazy, but also because this game is not that complicated. Just mash the buttons and you'll eventually figure it out!
How many players can does the game support?
Horse Hockey supports 2-6 players. 4 using gamepads and 2 sharing one keyboard.
They game won't start? I just see a hockey rink and hear some music.
Players need to join the game by pressing the shoot-button (ex. keyboard-space). The game will start when two or more player have joined.
How do you play this game?
The goal of the game is to have the highest amount of life left when another player hits zero. You lose a life whenever you're hit with a puck, slip on a banana peel, or get hurt in any other way.
How do you steer and shoot?
You can use a gamepads primary analouge stick to steer and aim, and one of the primary buttons to shoot. Two players can share a keyboard. One using the arrow-keys and space, and the other using WASD and the left Shift-key.
How do I mute the music?
You can turn off and on the music by pressing M-key on your keyboard.
How can I restart a match?
Restart a during a match by pressing the R-key on your keyboard.
How do I quit this game?
Just hit the escape-key on your keyboard.
Can I defend myself from a flying puck?
Yes! With a little practice you should be able to knock those pucks back. It just requires quick reflexes and a little timing.
What are the little colored dots on the game over screen?
They represent the number of times and the players who've hit you (including yourself).